Is Ceramic Coating Good For Your Car?

No matter what vehicle you have old or new we always tend to or want to modify it in some way. Some people like me love the matte texture feels the body gives when you slide your hand over it.

What is a ceramic coating for cars?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of the car specifically my hands.

The coating with its chemical properties bond with the car’s factory paint and gives it a layer of protection.

This coating is not a paint protection film substitute which is far more defensive than ceramic coating. It is a premium wax alternative that creates a semi-permanent or permanent bond with the vehicle’s original paint.
Ceramic Coating Good

The coating does not wash away or break down after a few months and it does not require to be applied every few months.


This article is all about if the ceramic coating is good for your car or not and you need to understand its purpose first.

In general terms, the ceramic coating for cars layer of protection to the vehicle’s exterior to help it look new, and with very low maintenance, this helps in making the car more resilient and easier to clean.

You can certainly say that the ceramic coating is good for your car but unlike every other thing it has some pros and cons.


  1. Protection From UV Damage/Oxidization

You may have noticed that when a vehicle is often exposed to the sun directly the paint begins to show signs of fading and dullness that basically means it has started oxidizing.

The ceramic coating for the car adds a layer of protection so that the sunlight does not affect the paint directly and reduces the amount of oxidization.

  1. Protection From Chemical Stains And Etching

There are a lot of pollutants out there in the atmosphere and chemical staining is a danger for your car’s exterior.

The ceramic coating keeps the chemical containments from bonding with the original paint of the car, as a result, the vehicle will be more resistant to staining and etching.

This is possible when these containments are removed promptly and not left for months which will affect the coating as well as the paint beneath it.

  1. Ease Of Cleaning

The most significant advantage of ceramic coating for cars is that it is hydrophobic which basically means that it has the capabilities to repel water.

When your car has ceramic coating the water will slide from the surface more easily and it also means that the mud and grime will have a hard time bonding with the natural paint of the car.

When the car will be washed all the contaminants will be removed with not much effort.

  1. Gloss

You ever notice a car whose paints are shiny and glossy it either has a ceramic coating or the owner got it polished but, in most cases, it’s a ceramic coating for cars.

A good ceramic coat for cars certainly enhances the reflective properties of the car’s paint and also of the clear coat, adding more clarity and glossiness to the exterior of the car.


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